Cockpit Arts Open Studios

Posted on March 04, 2013 by Lucy Heale

Cockpit Arts, a hub of creative businesses in the centre of town. The event didn't disappoint, the long concrete corridors buzzed with people looking for that one-off Christmas present. I was pleased to finally meet the guys from Sort Design. The letters-pressing typesetters from London College of Communication. They make cards, notebooks, recipe cards and they also do commissioned designs. Their website is

The next stop was Thornback and Peel's studio. I have been stocking the their Pigeon and Jelly notebooks for sometime now so it was good to see the studio where the magic happens. I also got to try on the Thornback and Peel Jelly Apron they do as this could be real contender for the Baking Box.   

Posted in London College of Communication, Sort Design, Thornback and Peel Jelly Apron

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