Luxe Box London: Gifted at gifting

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Lucy Heale

Thanks to Life of Yablon for her article about Luxe Box...

Here's an excerpt here: 

Luxe Box London: Gifted at gifting

My night in with my Urban Goddess Luxe Box: chocolates, candle, and Sex & the City reruns…

My first stop was the Gift Library, founded by the ex-personal stylist Caroline Stanbury. Her site offers pretty niche gifts for your men, women, children and home.  It’s a joy to window-shop but, I’m sure Caroline would agree, the gift solutions are luxurious and high end so cater mostly for those less price sensitive.

Rococco chocolates and a pot of camomile tea with my Liptease bone china mug for my night in. alone. bliss.

And then I was introduced to product designer and art (branding) director Lucy Heale, who also happens to be the founder of Luxe Box London.  The intro came via my great mates at Mason Photography; Luxe Box is part of StartUp Britain, a quite brilliant response from the private sector to the Government’s call for an “enterprise-led” recovery, and Mason Photography snap away for  StartUp Britain on a regular basis.

Lucy’s start up business idea interested me.  And then when she sent me my very own Urban Goddess box of goodies, it interested me even further.  Designed for the city girl to wind down at home, it arrived on an evening He was out and I simply couldn’t wait to get the Smalls into bed.  In my box of treats I found:  a box of Rococco Champagne Truffles, a Thorneback and Peel Notebook, a Wild Lavender Candle Jar and a Liptease Bone China Mug.

The next morning, I quized Lucy about her business:

Why do you think there is a need for Luxe Box London? Stylish women (and men) today want a gift box that offers something more, something exclusive, filled with stunning, seldom-seen products.

How long ago did you launch your business?  Luxe Box London launched just over year ago with the Urban Goddess Box and it’s been ‘all go’ ever since. I’ve put a lot of work into product development, and am set to launch additional boxes later this year including my Mum & Baby box and The Baker box.

Where do you source the gifts? Everywhere and anywhere! I started by scouring shops and trade-shows in London, but now I’m approached by suppliers and new designers from within the UK. Once I’ve established a shortlist of my top 25 products, I look at the styling and how they work together as a gift-set.

What’s the worst present you’ve ever been given?  I have had a couple of pretty bad gifts but I’m not going to name any names!

Who/what inspires you?  I love the idea of bringing incredible British designers together and showcasing them to consumers. I am inspired by walking around London, popping into new shops and talking to people about their ideas or businesses.

 Do you make bespoke boxes too?  Each box is designed around a certain theme, but the sender is able to customise which products they would like to add in.

 Who would you LOVE to make a box for?  Maybe I could design an extra special Mum & Baby box for Kate Middleton?!

Happy Christmas 2015!

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